Give me everything
Give me everything
Give me arched backs, manes in hand
Under the night stars used as flash lights
Face pressed down, labored long strokes leading to moist sheets ,
relinquishing deserts of their thirst
Catching glimpses of the scars from black love offered to corrupted lovers
While fists pulling on manes, fingers dipping into wet canyons and tongues exploring tips of milky mountains
Creating never to be documented memories of ripped clothes
Darkness colliding with dark skin, loud howling traveling under the moonlight
Untamed thrusts aimed at reaching her center,
unrestrained claws digging into his back
Evolutionary actions, requiring secondary functions of appendages
Lips not required for speaking, hands lacking control using forceful touch
Causing echoes of yes, no, in languages similar to tongues
Accompanied by manic spasms and taboo’ blasphemy to gods who shouldn’t be watching
Shallow breathes matching heartbeat tempos,
whispering secrets hidden behind involuntarily closed eyes
Seeking treasures in forbidden escapades,
tracing his thumb on her hot lady part
tasting her fruit while she spreads apart the pathway to her inner valley
Hands on the sides of her hills, until her body is motionless
She places signs of affection on him, from his top to the head of his staff of authority
Cleaning it with gentle gesture, all the while giving firm attention to its base
Making it disappear and reappear,
performing this ceremony ritually until a portion of his soul’s essence leaves his body, down into hers
Innocent attraction turned into dangerous desire, dirty passion
Long strokes. Short breathes. Loud moans. Deep intentions.
Mound in the air, balanced by knees parallel to elbows
Losing self consciousness, uttered words proving loss of ones upbringing
No longer him and her but desiring to be filled by the one bestowed the title of father and the one he is pleasing
Unplanned strategies culminating in a relentless war of who will lead the other to the promised land first
Long strokes. Short breathes. Loud screams. Deeply buried explosions in battles.

via Daily Prompt: Lust

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