I long for long nights with a lover who forgets my nameOne who sees it fit to use profanity in the presence of a lady

To feel his hands caress my inner thighs and toy with my hormones as his fingers dwell in my lower abode

Only seeking surface air when he is in need of licking his finger tips

Faces pressed down against cold floors, warm bodies entertaining desires of flesh and soul

Echoes of “give me everything”

Amidst long strokes and short breathes, kissing pauses and quick breaks

I long for magic tricks, 

making staffs disappear into welcoming holes, slobbering on a stick to clean it of natural exercise 

Back and forth locutions of who my mound belongs to while your tongue devours my flower, whispering sweet nothings to my inner walls

But in making sure long talks with our unborn children are meaningful

you never stop till I beg you to communicate with other parts

Sometimes even getting on top of you, rushing thick long trains into tight dark tunnels

To pull it out and grace it with my lips kiss

Performing this ceremony ritually, making it disappear and reappear from multiple locations

Even giving into primary instincts, imitating animal behavior,

balanced by knees parallel to elbows

and howling your name as your hands grapple my breasts

As your long strokes filled with deep intentions cause loud moans and convulsions

Hair pulling and drinking liquids form part of our routine

I long for long strokes. Short breathes. Loud moans. Deep intentions.

With a lover who forgets who knows the right time to forget my name 

Jade Novelist © 2017

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