I was still in the middle of finding myself, so what purpose would I have for a soulmateEspecially one who functioned so well on her own

All she would do, would be to highlight my insecurities

Why would a young queen be inviting of a black king into her kingdom

When black men have become the reason for the fall of so many homes
Teaching to fly above limitations

Breaking down shackled mental constraints and traditional upbringing 

All the while your soul breaks at every turn

Your fragility at its end

And you have lost your sense of being

The more cracks I saw, the less I believed you would desire me

After all how can two broken beings create a whole relationship

Would we force the shattered pieces to fit together

Or cut ourselves on the hurtful edges we dance around
I see the pain you place behind the facade

A black women shedding tears is a sign of weakness

So you entrust your sorrows to Pandora, another misery for her box to keep

And with the little you have you love me

And all I want to do is make you feel that you are enough 

So you can hear the melodies I hear in your laugh

I wish to be your anchor, not to ground you but to be your link to reality as you fly through life’s winds

To remind you that no matter how far you fly away, I’m still with you

Ololufe mi, ma fi mi le

But where did you come from?

All I recall is you wrapping your strings around my arm and pulling me in your direction

Your heart strings made unbreakable due to doubts and fractured aspirations, 

nights dreaming of romantic days

Days crying over lonely nights 

Yet you say you wish to nestle your roots in my neglected soil

To cultivate your demons in my not so holy grounds because you believe my demons calm yours

My devils speak to yours in languages only they understand, 

and if God forsakes this union then we shall create our own religion

Be the first ancestors to a love lacking a slave history because we chose one another, we are our own masters

 If being in love is something not meant for the afterlife and heaven is our resting place

Then we shall take the long way home

You say things I could never fathom

So where did you come from?

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