To The Woman I Condone
Belittling words scream at me from thoughts itching to be heard

Convincing myself that they were just words

Nothing’s changed and my image of you still remains

The life we have together is intact and I’m still your daddy and you’re still my girl 

But like, what kind of man takes this laying down

Seeking a truth I already know

Hoping for a confession, a change in your day’s usual procession.
Dear Woman I condone, when will you be honest with me?

Maybe today, you’ll tell all instead of ask if I’m enjoying my cereal.

Maybe you’ll come clean and dish what you hid under the roof of our home.

Don’t worry or fret, your secret is safe with me.

I bear you no grudge or ill-will

But could you maybe bring it up rhetorically?

Set it up as a hypothetical, use a friend as a reference and I’ll pretend to see no relevance

No resemblance or need for more than the required response.

I’ll smile like I should, but drop hints to tempt you to come out with the truth

Maybe it will work… Maybe it won’t…
Is there still some good in the corners of your soul

Can you say you feel no pain when you see me love her

Do you feel nothing when I hold her in my arms and pull her close to me

Is it because you have forgotten the times I was there for you

Or how despite everyone being against our union, I vouched for you

Irrespective of my busy bee tendencies,

When I had time, I did my best to fulfill your fantasies but still you choose to indirectly lie daily

How could you love another and bring the consequences of your moments disguised as a sign of love into our house
Now due to unforeseen blood loss

Unmatched organs, nurses who struggle to hold secrets

And children playing too rough on play sets

Our family has suffered a terrible loss

Our “1+1” is now once again a one

For the extra you added to our family belongs to only half of us
To the Woman I Condone…

I’m not upset you chose to introduce another bloodline into our linage

Whom only bears similarity to your mirror image 

I forgive you for letting another have you

Thus shattering our world

Cause the truth is

I’ve already fallen in love with “our” little girl
Jade Novelist © 2017

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