As the rhythm of my thrust changedAnd your moans got louder

With each deep stroke

My thoughts screamed “fuck the neighbours”

The chiming of your pulse beating against mine

Beating against the release of my every moan

Begging for more, deeper, faster, slower

Owning every inch of me, every inch of you

Your hands on me, 

your eyes on me

every thrust

Every ass grab, hair pull 

every bite of your lips as we go harder

Passionately watering your flower 

Cuss words for lyrics to melodies we sing with every exhale

The pounding of our hearts locked in sync like your hands in mine

Intimacy creating symphonies

On your knees

On my flute 

Playing D major

Dancing hormones. . . 

Composing loud notes

As the sounds of my waist colliding into yours draws our orchestra to an encore

Tight holds, hard grips 

Melodic screams 

Silent echoes of your exhales 

Making noise
We make noise

So much damn noise…
Jade Novelist & Maira Wolfe © 2017

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