For so long doubt had engulfed the greater part of my being, 

owing to the fact that I looked for love in the wrong placesFailing to note that love was a two way thing, 

so like many I had a type, a standard and a definition

Like many, I jumped in head first but somehow always landed on my fragile heart because I failed to consider that maybe “love”, as a two way thing requires for my type to also love me
So after continuous attempts at being Mr Right to Mrs Wrong, my heart broke and fell.

I had lost faith in faith, no hope to hope for and I hated love.

Most of all I hated me for adding information another failure onto my list.

As I drew closer to the edge, on the brink of insanity you blew down and shielded me with your wings

You were unique and so you showed me a different form of something I thought I knew so well

Ngenxa yothando lwakho

, ngiyesaba ukulahlekelwa nguwe

Ulethe ukuthula nenjabulo empilweni yami 


ngamukele ukuba injabulo ayidalelwanga mina. 

Ngenxa yobuhlungu ebengibhekene nabo.
I felt it as the light of your soul reflected through your eyes and began to chip away at the darkness that corrupted my heart

I looked at you, as you looked at me 

And without words your intentions were clear

You weren’t here to fix me, you weren’t here to change me. 

You just wanted what was left of the broken pieces

You wished to keep them, so no one could cause harm again.

You took my heart and replaced it with yours, and you guard the broken shards as if they were your own and all you asked for was a chance

You were willing to love when you knew there was no love left in me

No love in my vocabulary or in the whisper of my prayers

I tried to chase you away

I pushed, I shoved, I lied, I did everything

Everything except run
I guess secretly, my soul knew you were coming

As I said you were different, I suppose I knew it was you

You’re drawn to my fears

The mess draped in gold

The very hurt i try so hard to mask

The way you came charging at me, intentions spread across a billboard

But most importantly I understand why I love you

I love you because you are a reflection of everything I’m not

And so you bring out the best in me

You. A reflection of pain and love lost in failed attempts

A reflection of sorrow bathed in strength to still love with bleeding hearts…

You. The piece to complete me

Jade Novelist © 2017

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