I Am An African Queen

I am a product of the motherland

Birthed by the sands that form the brown clay around my face and hands

Surrounding a soul made by the Potter, handed down to the world of man

Where I work and toil to birth nations

With my not so straight hair

And my sometimes round and voluptuous physique

That sometimes fails to keep up with the latest trends

I nurture the youth

Because despite your idea of my deformities

Still I am an African queen
Whether in eloquence or broken slang

I’m still royalty in every sense

I’m royal not because I lay claim to it

But because of the way the world seeks to diminish my essence

Vultures seek to prey on my flesh without my consent

Three legged tyrants wish to oppress me with glass ceilings

Even my own sisters underestimate and undermine me

Wishing to fight me for mine, when they should be managing their kingdoms

But I bear no ill will because like forgiveness, I am divine
A child of post war times who still has to fight battles fueled by race or poverty motives

An education seeking canvas often ridiculed by those who feel I’m limited in terms of what I can achieve 

I’ve witnessed wars wagged around me

Derogatory terms thrown my way like “you’re a woman, so life must be easy”

Damnit, I’m more than just “lovely”

I’m allowed to have sex and love it

But my brothers take me lightly

They take my heart and toy with it

But if they understood my status

They would understand that, that jewel is priceless
Have you forgotten how these mountains you lust for, were there when you marched and craved racial liberation

Have you forgotten how my skin reflected the color of the land we fought for

Did you forget the dark nights that mimic my black hair where I stood by you through all trails and tribulations

How can the stars witnessed in the night life be more beautiful than my brown eyes that actually see you

A Nubian Queen who wishes to say “our struggles are the same

We are one people. 

I don’t want more than to be your equal”
I am African and a woman but black does not define me

I am not darkness, I am the light bringing change to this world

I am mirror of my mother’s struggle and a sign of my father’s strengths

I am bright, bold and outspoken

Nobody can hold me down

I epitomize natural beauty

So without being rude, I demand you hand me my crown

And the respect it commands

I own my throne because I am an African Queen
Jade Novelist © 2017

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