People like you, see perfect pictures in perfect frames… 

People like me, know there’s ink dripping off the canvas

Drops to be lost and never found again…

Pieces of my soul, I lost because the ones who came before you felt I wasn’t good enough
People like you, find the beauty and passion in everything

While people like me, understand the price of beauty is pain

You see, you think I enjoy our intimate moments

But in truth, I treasure them

Locking them away in my memory

I’m afraid, I don’t know how long this will last

I suppose it’s the after effect of having a past
People like you, still believe in fairytales

While people like me, just want someone who makes all the bullshit worth it

I don’t need you to want me, nor desire you want me

I just want you to acknowledge that I love you

And that if and when you leave, you’ll be fucking up a good thing
People like me want to believe it but are always afraid

We know “I’m in love with you” only means you are beautiful right now

That “everything will be okay” is code for you will mess it all up somehow

Sometimes I let my thoughts run away from me

I get to the part where we say goodbye

So when it seems like my mind isn’t here

It’s cause I’m preparing myself for the end, 

Yes, my heart’s mind is over there
People like you, like me, only when it suits them

People like you, see me, mostly when it benefits them

I know because I haven’t changed but I’m always left alone

I’m that temporary okay long one night stand

The one who you love today but then realize is better off as a friend

I just got over thinking something was wrong with me

That love wasn’t meant for me

Now here I am wondering, waiting, almost hoping, you’d find different way to apologize and say goodbye.

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