I hear the voice of fatherhood calling to me
It says son, your time is coming, be ready

The journey will not be easy

But hold on to your faith, 

This gift is not from man but from God and He will keep you steady

So I prepare and look forward to your conception

A new person deserving of affection
I pen this to the one I shall someday bring to this world

These are the promises I make to my unborn child

My daughter, my little girl

To be a better father than mine ever was

To be part of the moments you’ll never forget

To comfort you after every regret

I promise to teach you the lessons you shouldn’t learn on your own

And to remind you you’re a queen, own your throne
I pray you suffer no consequences for the sins of your father

And you will meet a man who will love you better than I treated girls before your mother

And if she and I are no longer together

Know that it has nothing to do with you but rather two stupid people who didn’t want to put in the work

You need to attain more than me

So I will work tirelessly

Like a man who can never have enough

Irregardless of circumstance

You will always be my greatest accomplishment
Besides her smile and her curvaceous features, 

Inherit her as your best friend

She brought you into my life but also into this world

Just as much as you are mine, you are her baby girl

And she thinks you are unique with that twinkle in your eyes

She will remind you that you are strong

That you’re beautiful

Please believe her because you will never concede to social norms

But that’s not your fault

Your problem with authority, is something you inherit from daddy
As I conclude this love letter to my daughter

I must address the matter of what if my girl is a boy

Then I will tell you son, this world ain’t easy

Women like your mother are rare

The world favors no man

And whether he or she I will teach you about God

Because besides education and money,

That is the greatest gift I can give you

Because when I have no answers

We will get on our knees and remember I am only borrowing you

And you like me, belong to our Father… 

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