Left, right and left again. I saw them come and go. Left, right and left again, so fast, everything, nothing but a blur.Flying towards me and away, all I could do was watch at the velocity and acceleration of every movement.

Flawless execution of motion, timing and precision.

Left, right and left again, I saw them come and go. Left, right and left again, I fell to the floor.
6 blows, all to my face and never missing their mark.

Even when I closed my eyes, they didn’t hurt any less in the dark.

I tried my best to be strong and hold on to the memories before I made you mad, before things went wrong but my face decided on its own, its okay to leak.

And with every tear drop that hit the ground, I heard the shattering of my plans for us play in surround sound.
Maybe you love me a little less but if that were true you wouldn’t try so hard to correct me

Maybe you found someone else to love but if that were true, you wouldn’t come home to me

Only thing that comes to mind is that I deserved it and its all my fault

Why else would you want to destroy the face you always call beautiful

Why else would you risk breaking the spirit of the only soul you said is worth you

Only thing that comes to mind is that I deserved it and its all my fault
But since I’m at fault and was the first to say “we’re meant to be”

So who should prove it, if not me

I’ll wait oh so patiently for the you I fell in love with

But if you do not return, than eventually I’ll learn to love the new you…

The one who changed my definition of touch

Yes, I promise if need be, I’ll learn to love again but I can’t promise it will be that much

After all I knew it was coming, a push, a shove and than a flat hand

This was surely to follow and indirectly I suppose pre-planned.
For better or worse, that’s what we agreed on but even though this is worst, we don’t need to get all technical

Degrees of comparison and all

I’m not going anywhere, because truth is who’d want me

If you can hurt me, what would somebody else do?

My darling, I am yours, hopefully your mine too.

I guess not only my face but also my self-esteem took a knock

After everything you’ve put me through

Not to be vain and superficial

Yet could you tell me who would want a broken individual?

My destiny, my universe, you have hurt me but I’ll be fine and dandy, as long as you are beside me, as long as you remain my rock.

The same arms that hurt me, will bring me comfort
I know I didn’t say much when you apologized and asked how I was but I was still digesting what had happened, so I didn’t know what to say.

I couldn’t figure out what I did to deserve it but I felt I did anyway.

So forgive me, I wasn’t being disrespectful or sarcastic when I said “It’s alright, its okay”.

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