You’re craving for hands that feel like lips

Whose gentle caress moves up and down your hips

Soft and sensual but still meaningful

Lust or love, it never matters when our bodies make poetry

Intertwined in places of secrecy

Excited to get caught

or in our beds like most have been taught
Even in lies there is a bit of truth

So even though each time is a sin

Find some right in the wrong we commit

Nothing compares to the divinity of your hands wrapped around the parts that matter

Entrust your body to me

Let yourself go and allow me to catch you

With every kiss let me breathe life into you
Give me my food in its entirety

Say my name as I move to your lower lips

As my tongue itches for the taste

Your inner thighs are the perfect view

Don’t waste time with senseless words like “I love you”

Just “oooh and aaaah, daddy go slow” and “take it, it’s yours”

Let me thrust my pelvis into you gently


Over and over and over intentionally

Today might be the day we make a baby
In these moments you and I are all that matter

Time has no relevance

And our bodies speak a language of their own

See I’m addicted to you

I long for you

I’m glad that making love to you is as easy as transition from day to night

Always ending with you in my arms

Catching your breathe as you listen to my heart beat

But our pauses can’t last too long

Because this loving is on repeat

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