In the bliss of the world’s chaos I found you
In between my struggles and your challenges our souls connected

We found serenity in the confines of complexity

You see, my life is complex, yours complicated

Simply put, we weren’t designed to make sense but somehow we do
Diverse stories is what we’ve lived

Teardrops, heartache, and sleepless nights

Diverse stories but with the same consequences

Two individuals broken by life

Living by faith

Somehow brought together by fate

Or is it destiny

Or is it just me
For so long, our soul existence has been to live for another

Take care, feed, clothe and protect another

Till they are old enough to one day themselves, love another

So now we struggle to love each other

You find my jokes bordering on the line of insulting

I think you need to stop being so uninviting
Besides the fights and tears

When we are intimate the passion still reappears

With a kiss on your forehead

Or a soft moan when you give me head

Making love is our best way to communicate

Sometimes it’s rough and has no sense

Tables and chairs, backseat and stairs

Other times it’s a turtles race and I wait for you to cum before I get intense

No matter what, no matter where

We must be satisfied, and we always reciprocate
In our less intimate moments

Let’s find solace in the tempo of our heartbeats

Let’s share the love in our laughter

As we pursue our forever after

The love we have is skin tight

Impenetrable, with no space in between for separation

After years of searching, I’ve reached my destination

I store my desires and aspirations in you

Because I wish to build a future with you

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