I still get butterflies whenever you call

Claiming to check up on me

That I haven’t forgotten to love myself, flaws and all

Before you,

I had forgotten how it felt to be in love

I’d forgotten how it felt to mean something to someone

How it feels to matter

If distance and time weren’t a factor

We’d spend every day together

Watching movies and drowning in laughter
It’s been months

But I still hear the passion in your voice when you say my name

It’s been months but thoughts of you touching me still drive me crazy

I’m stuck in an endless loop of future plans and memories

Talks of destiny and supernatural chemistry

How you want to know me better

And “there’s a stranger touching me”

I just can’t remember how that stranger became me
You’re on the other side of the world and I’m here

Most days my thoughts runaway and ask

Do you still care

Do you miss me and wish I was there

But then I pull myself together and play our song

Hoping it will comfort me

Serve as some form of therapy

Make me a little less lonely

And maybe one day I will get it right

And stop wishing the person next to you was me

Maybe one day I will stop being on the wrong side of a love song

Missing someone who has already moved on

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