I have sat stagnant on the matter

Hoping my silence would speak volumes

Preventing nouns and verbs from taking form

In the hopes that mankind would correct themselves

That we would do what we do and a hashtag would be the usual fix

Weeks in and we got the tag line, #NoToXenophobia

A bit long, but straight to the point and direct

If only we could engage in less violence and more dialect

Give voices a chance instead of fists
You see, brother I can’t breathe

I’m being smothered by shame

I am an African and my people have disappointed me

They sight abject poverty, unemployment and famine as excuses

Preaching about rights to enjoy their mother land

Forgetting their responsibility to respect life

Are they wrong to believe they are entitled to a heritage

But then again are they allowed to use another as leverage
My sister, I’m struggling to breathe

I’m having fits of short breath

Due to the thoughts of our potentially soon to be struggling economy

We used to get along but things have become complicated

Maybe instead of democratic, they feel things should be dictated

We used to be neighbors but now they’ve developed a God Complex

I miss life when it was at its simplest…
My friend, I think I’ve forgotten how to breathe

If memory serves it involves cooperation and unity

Unfortunately there is none of that in my life anymore

Friends have turned to enemies 

While sticks, stones and fire have become the language of the land

Blood flows, creating rivers on the land
My ninja, I’m not sure if I want to breathe

I’ve seen too much pain and grief

Hate words and terms suddenly surround me

Social media has become my enemy

I see videos and I’m afraid

I see videos, all I see is dead people
South Africa, I can’t breathe

I’m out of breath from shouting bring back my Africa

I can’t breathe

I’m losing hope in humanity

South Africa, I can’t breathe

I feel like I’m chasing dreams

Hoping for the Ubuntu of yesteryear 

South Africa, help me please

I am seeking peace

Asseblief, mayibuye iAfrika

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