Conflicting views have created anomalies within your perceptionYou’ve been pushed this way, that way ever since conception

I’ve watched as you wondered aimless and seeking purpose

You’re afraid and bury all your true thoughts beneath your surface

Society has created roles and forces you to play a part

Now you are caught between listening to them or following your heart
You were raised to believe that a woman belongs in the kitchen and must submit to a man

But the media tells you that you can do everything a man can

And this affects your views on feminism

Wondering if you are in competition with every human being with a stick between their legs

Can you challenge a man without being called bitter or someone filled with hate

Or face the stereotype of being labeled an angry black woman

Or just a woman who doesn’t know her place

On the other side time forces you to run another race

Conceive today or wait till it’s too late

No one asks if you want children or a family

It’s what should be done by a girl raised properly
You are limited in terms of expressing your sexuality

Showing experience and preference is referred to as promiscuity

Boys will be boys and girls are just their toys

Satisfaction shouldn’t be your concern but his

“Don’t forget you have a hand” is the only advice from your peers

You no longer understand what is meant by commitment

You are to believe in love but hear the word “divorce” after every statement
Denied opportunities because of what you are

Paid less, taunted more and held back because of who you are

You graduate and go unappreciated

Instead people care more about who you maybe might have dated

Sisterhood sounds like a myth of yesteryear

Too many females fighting with you and ready to compare

No one is happy and celebrates your victories

All you hear is “what makes her special, who is she”
Community has changed and the world has become its worst

There’s no longer a desire to do good, there’s no longer that thirst

You are described as hot or sexy and you respect that

I miss the days when women were pretty and beautiful and could only accept that

Your value is lost in this modern era

Your opinion and voice are considered noise and an error

You forgot your worth and that you deserve better

More than rape and a man who beats you

More than settling for others expectations

More than being an after thought in a conversation

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    1. Thank you very much. I wrote it to inspire my younger sister to never forget who she is and that despite what society may think, she must just stay head strong and make her own path

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