We Don’t Know Who We Are

In the midst of the spark, we consumed too much and got lost in the fumes

Now high off our own supply, tripping off the chemistry of us

We are on our love ecstasy, we’re in deep

Depths the ocean couldn’t reach, the stars couldn’t cover and only God’s love for us can compete
You take me to places within myself I didn’t know could exist, 

I am afraid to lose myself in you

I’m afraid to give you the best parts of me

Because you’re the only one to ever want to love me

Because of the potential cuts laying in wake of my shattered glass heart waiting for you to take
I can already picture the scars and slits as you try piece me together

You are yet to promise forever but I can already see it in your actions

The way your hands say you love me and the volume your silence speaks

You are yet to promise forever but I can see it in your actions

I can see, you notice me
If this were the real me and you, would we let this moment take place

This temporary okay mistake, I hope you know I don’t usually do this

On introduction night, fantasize about reproduction and white picket fences

I’m not even sure I can pronounce your name, wait, do you even know mine?

Oh God, you take me to places within myself I didn’t know could exist

Am I wondering too far 

or maybe moving a little too fast, do you need a chance to catch up… 

So we can come together… And there after you can catch your breath.
Eyes closed and face to face, I can tell its too late to walk away

Close enough to lock lips, close enough to whisper words that matter but not close enough for us to share the secrets we hide

For you are a stranger I just met, barely a friend, now a lover, maybe a life partner or maybe just not yet.
We don’t know who we are, for we are still finding each other

We don’t know who we are, for I don’t know who I am

We don’t know who we are, and tomorrow I will take the time to find myself a little more 

but right now I accept right now, I’m supposed to be with you

Because I know, for the first time in my life, I’m with someone who feels like I do.






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