BlogMy focus is lost on you
Your everything consumes the little bit of something I have
The something I call a soul
You swallow me whole and refuse to let go
I see the sea of pain in your eyes
from guys who were just practice
I hear the roars of your fears as they whisper
“Casanova. Playa. Liar” and that other adjective
But like the goddess you are, you tame them
Like the real woman you are, you made mistakes and you own up to them
Like the angel you are, unseen by many
There are levels to you, too much, they’re plenty
A kind heart with a devils stare
A defense mechanism set to “I don’t care”
A cynic who believes in love but not that it’s meant for her
Grown but filled with child like, fairytale type fantasies of romance
Desires of a man who asks you out to dance
You want fire place love making, backseat back breaking
Nights out, under the stars that are breathe taking
But you don’t think a man like that exists, so you don’t bother waiting

You’ve had to settle for less in the past
You’ve had to compromise your standard to accommodate others
Sometimes self righteous and sometimes abuse lovers
I wonder what you’d say if I told you I love you despite your history
What would you say if I said I forgive you for not acknowledging me
Who would you be if you let go of the hurt and let someone in
Let someone know the parts you hide
The truths, the lies and the in betweensSecrets buried deep inside
The things you never let come to light

I’m trying to say I see you in all your glory
But I also want to be the man who accepts your shame
You are in your own league and deserve of man who brings something to the table
I don’t have much, but I’m willing and able
I’m saying I see the person you keep locked behind fake faces and roaring laughter
I’m saying, she’s the one
Yes her, the girl I’m after

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